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Reformuler c'est phrase en texte avec le besoin pas besoin envie pas envie
inatention et pas inatention.

1) to stop smoking
because it's a very bend habit

2)to eat healthy food
instead of junk food like pizza chocolate chips
3)to exercice

4)to read
instead of playing video games and watching TV .

2 Répondre

  • i want to stop smoking 

    i need to eat a healty food 

    i want to exercice 

    i want to read 

  • i'm a teenager, i want to live a healthy and nice  life. So, i won't smoke because it's a very bad habit, i'm going to eat healthy food instead of junk food ( pizza and chocolate ) to keep my garceful size, i will also pactice some sports and do some exercices 
    i am going to read many books and Literary writings to enrich my vocabulary and get to know others cultures 
    i won't waste my time playing vidéo games or watching some useless TV programs
    j'espere que ça t'aidera ;)