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Write balanced chemical equations for the following word equations:
(a) Calcium hydroxide + Carbon dioxide
Calcium carbonate + Water
(b) Phosphorus pentachloride + Water
Phosphoric acid + Hydrogen chloride
(c) Zinc + Silver nitrate
Zinc nitrate + Silver
(d) Sodium + Water
► Sodium hydroxide + Hydrogen
(e) Aluminium Copper chloride
Aluminium Chloride + Copper
(1) Magnesium Nitrogen
Magnesium Nitride​

1 Answer

  • a) Ca(OH)2+CO2 ----->CaCO3+H2O

    b) PCl2+H2O------>H3PO4+ 5HCl

    c) Zn + 2AgNO3-----> Zn(NO3)2+2Ag

    d) 2Na+2H2O----->2NaOH+H2

    e) 2Al+ 3CuCl2---->2AlCl3+3Cu

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