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Write a short note on 1. Nervous Tissue
2. Neuron

2 Answer

  • 1.Nervous¬†tissue is a specialized tissue that is found in all nervous systems like brain spinal cord and all over the human body.It is used to transfer impulse from one nerve cell to another.It is used to maintain a proper co ordination among various activities in human body.

    2.Neurons are structural and functional unit of nervous system.Neuron contains axon,dendron,terminal branches and dendrities.The dendrites receives impulse from the terminal branches of adjacent nerve cell and the chain follows.
  • nervous tissue is highly specialised for receiving stimuli and the conduction of electrochemical nerve impulses. it controls and intregates the activities of various parts of the body. thus, nervous tissues has two main characteristics-conduction and intregration. it occurs in the brain, spinal cord and the nerves.the nerve tissue is formed of nerve cells or neurons and nerve fibres.
    neurons are the structural and functional unit of nervous tissue. they possess two main special features:
    .they perceive stimuli.
    .they transmit or conduct nerve impulses from sense organs to brain and from brain to body's motor organs
    neuron is differentiated into cyton ,axon and dendrites