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hello again...... pls tell.......

Why do spinach look green, papaya yellow and edible part of watermelon red?

Need short answer... urgently

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  • Answer:

    There is RED(AMARANTH) Spinach, Purple Papaya and Yellow Water melon, even before Genetic modification started artificially in laboratories.

    But if the COLOR of any plant or its parts including Bark Like Red palm have all different pigments in its visible cells.,some are totally having colored cells , some have color only in their skins, others like Spinach has color on leaves, many time not on any other parts of the plant. Even one leaf can have different colors like flower petals.

  • Visible light colors are a small part of the overall collection of waves on the electromagnetic spectrum.

    When we see a particular color, such as spinach green or papaya yellow, or the edible part of watermelon red what is happening is sunlight or any white light, which is composed of all the colors, is radiating upon the spinach and papaya and watermelon. All the colors are absorbed except that specific color, which is reflected back from the object.

    Hope this helps..

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