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A fruit vendor packed 100 apples in a basket. Later he found some apples were left unpacked.so he packed 30 apples in each basket.if there were 64 baskets, how many apples did he pack.

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    Here is the answer

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Apples in 1 baskets=100

    Apples in 64 baskets=100*64=6400 apples (before adding 30 apples in each basket).....................(1)

    Some apples left unpacked

    So he added 30 apples to each

    Total apples added by him= 30*64(in each basket*no of baskets )

                                               = 1920 apples added...............(2)

    So total no apples eq(1)+eq(2)

                            = 6400 apples + 1920 apples

                            =8320 apples packed in total

    Therefore the total no. of apples packed were 8320 apples.

    Hope this helps


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