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Computer Science


list the name of object which can not supported to be taken in the computer lab​

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  • Due to dedicate nature of computer'sthe regulations that have been put in place to ensure protection for malfunctions. Computers are electronic that are quite expensive and a computer labs for public use therefore the rules and regulations are for the benefit of all beneficiaries. This are some of the objects that are not to be taken into a computer lab.

    1)Food and drinks : Eating and drinking is prohibited in computer lab. This is because foodstuffs like fruit ,drinks ,water ,bread and any other food items or drink can spill over the keyboard or CPU and it will malfunction. The food can also stay in the keyboard but crumbs falling on it making it difficult to key in .

    2) Forgein objects: Foreign objects like an uninsulated wires, knives or sharp objects which can break the screen or cause electric shock for the case of an insulated wire scratch the keyboard on wanted damage .

    3) Using your own external storage or flash disk unless otherwise authorized : This is because of the risk of viruses that can cause great damage to the computer.

    4) Crockey is also prohibited: This is to make sure the tidiness and neatness of the computer lab is maintained.It also ensures you don't sneak in food stuffs.

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